Sentinel Session

Want to know how to mix metalcore in the box? Get our new Sentinel Session and dive into the real-mixed project session. You’ll see all processing from raw to final and mastered sound. Includes fully-mixed sessions in all major DAW formats, custom drums samples, virtual bass instrument, IR’s pack. No secrets, all that you need to get better in mixing.



  • How to use mix-ready drum samples
  • How to create realistic sounding bass from MIDI or DI to final tone
  • How to get tight guitar tone
  • Ambient clean guitars processing
  • How to use arrangement FX
  • Mixing extreme vocals
  • Metalcore loud master bus processing
  • Automation tricks


  • Don’t need any outboard gear, any additional samples or instuments! Just download all included files, install required plugins if you need, open project file for your DAW and dive into real-mixed project session.
  • Open all audio processing from raw to final and mastered sound.
  • Use project as template and for practice. Drag your recorded files to the relevant channels in the project file.
  • Create your own mix faster! Get better result!


  • Fully-mixed session for Cubase (.cpr)
  • Fully-mixed session for Pro Tools (.ptx)
  • Fully-mixed session for Reaper (.rpp)
  • Fully-mixed session for Logic (.logicx)
  • Fully-mixed session for Studio One (.song)
  • Panda Sound – Sentinel Kit
  • Panda Sound – Panda Bass (comes with full version only)
  • Sentinel IR’s and FX Packs
  • Raw .wav and .midi files
  • User Manual 

Session Requirements

A computer with Intel or AMD compatible processor, Windows or Mac OSX operating system. The following digital audio workstation:

Virtual Instruments:

  • NI Kontakt ver. 5.6.8. or higher(Please note that the free Kontakt Player only offers support in Demo Mode with 15 minutes time limit)

5 GB free hard disc space.

Used Plugins

  • Invisible Limiter (If you don’t have this plugin you can download trial versions from A.O.M.’s site.)
  • Kramer PIE
  • OneKnob Louder
  • OneKnob Driver
  • OneKnob Brighter
  • C4
  • CLA-76
  • Doubler
  • Center
  • L1
  • L2
  • RDeEsser
  • SSL Comp
  • LinMB
Blue Cat Audio
  • Blue Cat’s PatchWork (for Pro Tools Users only!)
Joey Sturgis Tones
  • Clip
  • Gain Reduction
Fab Filter
  • Pro-Q ver.2 (If you don’t have FabFilter plugins you can download trial versions from FabFilter’s site)
Aegean Music
  • Pitchproof (Freeware)
  • U530 1.1
TSE Audio
  • BOD Ver.3 (Freeware)
STL Tones
  • NadIR (Freeware)
Ignite Amps
  • SHB-1 (Freeware)
LePou Plugins
  • SHB-1 (Freeware)
  • Valhalla Room (If you don’t have this plugin you can download trial versions from ValhallaDSP’s site.)
  • Pod Farm 2.5