Aeterna Session

Completely customized mixing template designed for use with Cubase, Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One, and Logic X. Get Aeterna Session and dive into the real-mixed folk-metal project in your DAW. Learn how to make quality processing from raw to final mastered sound. The session comes with mix-ready drum samples library and guitar IR’s pack. Unlock your skills and start saving time on mixing right now.

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $59.40. USD


  • How to get folk-metal sound
  • How to process mix-ready drum samples
  • How to manage session
  • How to get powerful bass sound from DI to the final tone
  • How to get metal guitar tone
  • How to mix folk instruments (flute, strings, percussions)
  • Mastering in the box settings
  • Female vocal mixing chain
  • How to use automation to push your mixes to new levels


Sessions v2 features

  • The new Panda Sound approach is improving the mixing process using templates.
  • No matter what DAW you use. We have investigated the specifics of all supported DAW’s in order to get the same sound of mixes for each DAW.
  • More free plugins. Now you don’t need to spend a lot of extra money on buying expensive plugins to use our templates.
  • No cheating. Templates allow you to get the professional, high-quality sound of your mixes. Exactly the same sound as you hear from audio examples on the site.
  • Easy installation. Each session comes with detailed installation instructions on how to run the session in your DAW.


  • The perfect starting point of your mixes
  • You don’t need any outboard gear, any additional samples, or instruments!
  • Just download all included files, install required plugins, run the session in your DAW and dive into a real-mixed project session.
  • Explore all audio processing from raw to final and mastered sound.
  • Mixing templates save you a lot of time that you can invest in any other type of audio production like editing or programming drums.
  • We saved for you perfect mixing chains, tones, and clever routing setup. Just get your new session to speed up your workflow and create great mixes.


  • Cubase mixing template (.cpr)
  • Logic Pro mixing template (.logicx)
  • Pro Tools mixing template (.ptx)
  • Reaper mixing template (.rpp)
  • Studio One mixing template (.song)
  • Drum library – Aeterna Kit
  • Aeterna IR’s Pack
  • Raw .wav and .midi files
  • User Manual

Session Requirements

A computer with Intel or AMD compatible processor, Windows or Mac OSX operating system. The following digital audio workstation:

Virtual Instruments:

  • NI Kontakt ver. 6.5.2 or higher(Please note that the free Kontakt Player only offers support in Demo Mode with 15 minutes time limit)

5 GB free hard disc space.

Used Plugins

Blue Cat Audio
  • Blue Cat’s PatchWork (for Pro Tools users only!)
  • Pro-Q 2
  • Saturn
    Trial versions are available for download from the FabFilter site.
  • Ozone Imager 2 (Free)
  • Vocal Doubler (Free)
  • PodFarm 2.5 Demo (Free)
  • Limited-Z (Free)
  • TSC 1.1 (Free)
  • U530 Demo (Free)
  • SPL TwinTube
    Trial version is available for download from the Plugin Alliance site.
  • VerbSuite Classics
  • Virtual Mix Rack
  • Virtual Tape Machine
    Demo versions are available for download from the Slate Digital site.
  • Ignite – NadIR (Free)
  • TDR Nova (Free)
  • Valhalla Shimmer
  • MSED (Free)
  • API-2500
  • CLA Vocals
  • CLA-76
  • DeEsser
  • L1 Limiter
  • LinMB
  • RDeEsser
    Demo versions are available for download from the Waves Audio site.

Note: Cubase is registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. Pro Tools is a trademark of Avid Technology, Inc. Reaper is registered trademark of Cockos Incorporated. Studio One is a trademark of PreSonus Software Limited. Logic Pro is registered trademark of Apple Inc. Kontakt is registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH.