Progressive drum library for NI Kontakt, Slate Trigger and Perfect Drums Player! Get the sound as heard straight from Shokran’s record “Supreme Truth”. Shokran Kit was specially designed to get djenty tone. Mix-ready samples, build-in mixer, advanced DSP and really heavy tone! 

Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $24.00. USD


  • Progressive and djenty drum tone
  • All-in-One instrument for Kontakt
  • Fully-featured and intuitive updated interface
  • Build-in mixer
  • Build-in humanizer
  • Advanced DSP
  • Custom key mapping and mapping presets
  • Available for use with Kontakt 5-6, Slate Trigger and Perfect Drums Player



  • Kick, Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 18″x22″
  • Toms, Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Set (Tom 1 – 10″x8″, Tom 2 – 12″x9″, Tom 3 – 16”x16”)
  • Snare, Ludwig Black Beauty 6,5″x14″
  • China 19, Sabian AA Holy China 19″
  • China 20, Sabian AAX Chinese 20″
  • Crash 1, Sabian HH Thin 16″
  • Crash 2, Sabian HHX Evolution 18″
  • Crash 3, Sabian HHX Stage 19″
  • Crash 4, Sabian HHX Stage 21″
  • Hi Hat, Sabian AAX Power 14″
  • Splash, Sabian HH 13″
  • Ride, Sabian AA Dry Ride 22″


  • Kick, AKG D112, Sennheiser e602 II
  • Snare, Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD441U
  • Toms, Senheiser MD421
  • HiHat-Overheads, Shure KSM109, Neumann KM184mt
  • Room, Audio Technica AT4040


  • Recorded with Empirical Labs Distressor, Manley Core Channel Strip, Focusrite OctoPre, RME: Fireface UC
  • Recorded at 44.1kHz 24 bit in .wav format
  • Fully-mixed and ready for production
  • All Samples Are “Panned” From The Drummer’s Perspective


resington Review

Kontakt Instrument (.nki)

Slate Trigger Instruments for shells (.tci)

Perfect Drums Player (.pdpi)

WAV files

An Intel or AMD computer and compatible DAW and at least one of the following:

  • NI Kontakt ver. 5.6.8. or higher. (Please note that the free Kontakt Player only offers support in Demo Mode with 15 minutes time limit)
  • Slate Trigger 1 or 2
  • Perfect Drums Player (Free)

0.4 GB free hard disc space.

Note: Kontakt is registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH. Trigger is registered trademark of Slate Digital LLC.