Panda Cabs 2


New Panda Cabs Pack of mix-ready guitar cabinet impulses. Includes 33 EQ'd IRs and 8 custom IR's from Shokran, AOA and VDS project sessions. Based on most popular guitar cabinets. Perfect for rock/metal genres!

$20.00 USD

Product Description

Panda Cabs 2 Features

  • 33 mix-ready EQ’d IRs
  • Includes 8 custom Shokran, Age Of Astrea, Vo’Devil Stokes IR’s
  • Based on most popular guitar cabinets and tones
  • All impulses perfect for impulse response blending
  • Compatible with Axe Fx II, Cab Lab and Kemper 

Cabs used:

  • Marshall 1960TV 412
  • EVH 5150III 412
  • Mesa Standard Rectifier 412

Microphones used:

  • Shure SM57
  • Audix I5
  • Sennheiser MD421
  • Royer R121

Preamps used:

  • Manley Core

Audio Examples


Jamie Slays REVIEW


41 mix-ready impulses (.wav, .syx, .ir, .kipr formats)


Impulse Response loader and any amp or simulator (See manual for details).
A computer with Intel or AMD compatible processor, Windows or Mac OSX operating system, and a compatible DAW installed (check which plugin formats your DAW supports).