Hello friends. We’re so proud to present the second part of the Drum Kits V2 update, a major release for THE KOREA KIT, SENTINEL KIT, MANKIND GRIEF KIT, PLAGUE REBORN KIT, and SEQUENCE OF DISCORD KIT.
New features:

  • required version of NI kontakt uprgaded from 5.6.8 to 6.5.2.
  • A brand new, fully-featured, and intuitive UI for creating your drum tones.
  • New UI resolution that provides better compatibility with high-resolution monitors.
  • New MIDI humanizer processor.
  • New built-in processing effects.
  • Now comes with drum mixing presets.

Drum Kits V2 update is free for all current owners and can be downloaded from your Panda Sound account here.

Please go ahead and check out the updated versions of drum kits. Any comments/feedback are welcome!