Panda Bass


Panda Bass is a multi sampled/multi articulated bass guitar instrument for NI Kontakt, made with a Carvin LB75 5-Strings Active Bass through a high-end signal chain. Great for any genre. 

$40.00 USD

Product Description

Panda Bass ver.1.3.0 Features:

  • D.I. Samples
  • Note Range From C0 up to G#4
  • 4 Down Picks
  • 4 Up Picks
  • 8 Alternate Picks (Up and Down)
  • Kontakt Humanizing Script
  • Kontakt Intelligent Alternate Picking Script 
  • NEW! Driver Pedal Mod
  • Instrument Controlled by Midi Velocity

Signal Chain:

Carvin LB75 5-Strings Active Bass -> Manley Core Channel Strip -> RME: Fireface UC

Recorded with Forte Strings!


  • Regular Picking 
  • Muted Picking 
  • Slides Up
  • Slides Down
  • Bend
  • Tremolo


Panda Bass Kontakt instrument view:

Panda Bass

Video examples:

Audio Examples:


Panda Bass Kontakt Instrument (.nki)

NEW! Panda Bass PodFarm Presets Pack (.l6t) 



An Intel or AMD computer and compatible DAW and at least one of the following:
Kontakt 5.4.3 or greater.

2 GB free disk space