Burning Beards Project Session


Using Burning Beards Project Session, you’ll get to finally see all of the mixing secrets of deathcore/downtempo genres. Project session opens for you settings to work with any element of your mix. Includes fully-mixed sessions in all major DAW formats, custom drums samples, kontakt bass instrument, IR’s.

from$79.00 USD


Product Description

Learn how to get deathcore sound using Burning Beards Project Session!

You’ll find out:

  • How to use and mixing processed drum samples
  • Bass guitar processing technique
  • Deathcore guitar tone processing technique
  • How to mix clean guitars
  • Extreme vocals processing techniques
  • How to use FX
  • How to use automation in your mixes
  • Mix bus processing techniques

Easy to use! You don’t need any outboard gear, any additional samples or instuments! Just download all included files, install required plugins if you need, open project for your DAW and start learning.
Also you can use this project as template. Add your raw and midi tracks instead of the originals and create your own mix, quickly and efficiently!
Using Burning Beards Project Session you get exactly that sound as you want!




Fully-Mixed Multi-Track Session In Cubase 

Fully-Mixed Multi-Track Session In Pro Tools

Fully-Mixed Multi-Track Session In Reaper 

Fully-Mixed Multi-Track Session In Logic 

Fully-Mixed Multi-Track Session In Studio One

Panda Sound – Burning Beards Drums 

Panda Sound – Panda Bass ver. 1.0.0 (included with full version only)

Burning Beards IR’s Pack

Raw .wav and .midi files




A computer with Intel or AMD compatible processor, Windows or Mac OSX operating system.

Digital audio workstation:

Samplers and samples:

  • NI Kontakt Player ver. 5.4.3. or higher
  • Panda Sound – Burning Beards Drums 
  • Panda Sound – Panda Bass ver. 1.1.0 (not require for lite version)



  • L1
  • PuigTec EQP1A
  • C4
  • CLA Vocals
  • Q EQ
  • RBass
  • CLA 76
  • SSL Comp
  • DeEsser

Blue Cat Audio

  • Blue Cat’s PatchWork (for Pro Tools Users only!)

Joey Sturgis Tones

  • JST Clip
  • Gain Reduction

Fab Filter

  • Pro-Q ver.2 (If you don’t have FabFilter plugins you can download trial versions from FabFilter’s site)

Aegean Music

  • Pitchproof (Freeware)


  • Invisible Limiter (If you don’t have this plugin you can download trial versions from A.O.M.’s site.)


  • TSC 1.0 (Freeware)

Tokyo Dawn Records

  • TDR Nova (Freeware)

Ignite Amps

  • NadIR (Freeware)
  • SHB-1 (Freeware)

LePou Plugins

  • Le456 (Freeware)
  • Lecto (Freeware)


  • Valhalla Shimmer (If you don’t have this plugin you can download trial versions from ValhallaDSP’s site.)


  • Pod Farm 2.5 Demo (Freeware)