Make your own drum kit

Now our samples available for purchase separately. You can get only kick or snare from any drum kit. Good chance to try and experience Panda Sound samples in your mixes by low price.

Cooperation between Panda Sound and Mercuriall Audio Software

Hi everyone!

We are extremely happy to announce a cooperation between Panda Sound and Mercuriall Audio Software.

From now on, if you purchase selected products from Panda Sound, you will get a discount for Mercuriall’s U530 and vice-versa.

Here is how you can get a discount:
1. If you purchase Vo’Devil Stokes project session (, you will get a 20USD discount on the full version of U530 (
2. The same discount will work if you purchase U530 first. You will then be able to save 20USD on the Vo’Devil Stokes project session purchase.

This is just the first set of products – more will be announced as soon as new products are developed.

Stay tuned, friends!

Drum samples update

We’ve finished working on update for all drum samples!


  • Updated kontakt instruments, fixed bugs
  • New cymbals script
  • New samples Age Of Astrea Cymbals

You can download updated version here.

Born Of Osiris bass tone using Panda Bass

How to get Born Of Osiris bass tone using Panda Bass!

Download IR here.

September Sale

Get -25% off all drum samples this month!! Sale ends September 30th.

Periphery Bass Tone using Panda Bass

How to get Periphery bass tone using Panda Bass!

Download Pod Farm preset here.

End of summer sale

Get -25% off all project sessions this week only! Sale ends August 22th.

Drum samples Slate Trigger Update

All Panda Sound drum samples available for Slate Trigger now!
You can download updated version here.

Vo’Devil Stokes Project Session

Using Vo’Devil Stokes Project Session, you’ll get to finally see all of the mixing secrets of post-harcore/alternative mixes.

Project session opens for you settings to work with any element of your mix. Includes fully-mixed sessions in all major DAW formats, custom drums samples, kontakt bass instrument, IR’s.

Panda FX Pack

Panda Sound presents Panda FX Pack, an amazing bank of heavy hitting sound effects specially designed for metalcore, hardcore, djent!

FX List:

  • Alien Drop
  • Stone Drop
  • Gun Drop
  • Ghost Drop
  • Sweep Sub
  • Big Snare
  • Reverse Snares
  • X Crash
  • Reverse Dual Crash
  • Impact
  • Sweep Long Crash
  • Reverse Nuclers
  • Snare, Toms Reverbs
  • Reverse Strike