Author: Panda-Man

Panda FX Pack

Panda Sound presents Panda FX Pack, an amazing bank of heavy hitting sound effects specially designed for metalcore, hardcore, djent!

FX List:

  • Alien Drop
  • Stone Drop
  • Gun Drop
  • Ghost Drop
  • Sweep Sub
  • Big Snare
  • Reverse Snares
  • X Crash
  • Reverse Dual Crash
  • Impact
  • Sweep Long Crash
  • Reverse Nuclers
  • Snare, Toms Reverbs
  • Reverse Strike

All Projects Sessions Updated

What’s new:

  • New set of required plugins, more freeware plugins!
  • Fixed all bugs with DAW and plugins settings
  • Now includes Panda Bass Ver. 1.1.0

You can download updated version here.

Panda Cabs on Sale! -40% OFF!

Panda Cabs is mix-ready guitar cabinet impulse collection.

Includes 30 separate IRs and 10 IR Mixes. Perfect for rock/metal genres!

Meet Panda Bass New Version

Panda Bass Version 1.1.0:

  • New updated GUI
  • New Kontakt Intelligent Alternate Picking Script
  • Includes PodFarm Presets Pack

You can download updated version here.